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My company is involved in the real estate and mortgage business. I frequently get asked by clients "what is my mortgage payment" and "can you tell me how much will my mortgage balance be at the end of a certain number of years."

These questions led us to develop this widget calculator tool. Now, you can play with various scenarios and get the answers you need. Venture Development Inc. NMLS #373115 and John Mazzara NMLS #332556 will provide more mortgage information at http://www.VentureLoanApp.com. Please go there if you are looking for a loan in Minnesota. We only lend within the state of MN to local residents.

What is a widget?

Widgets are fun. This widget will gives the viewers of your blog or website the chance to put in their mortgage information and get back a calculated mortgage payment as well as view a corresponding amortization schedule.

Grab a mortgage widget and embed it in your site. It's easy to do and it's FREE! Simply grab the code and drop it into your site. Unlike other widgets, our widgets include news feeds! This will make a static widget a lot more dynamic and your users will appreciate it!

We offer TWO widgets. The calculator portion of the widget is identical. What makes the widgets different is that one widget has a REAL ESTATE NEWS feed whereas the other that has a MORTGAGE NEWS FEED. Also, there is a link within each widget to my respective real estate and mortgage websites where someone can begin an online home search or learn more about mortgages and get a mortgage quote. Pick the right one for your site.



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